Before & After Treatments

See the results of our many services in action. These are undoctored, real photos from our patients' journeys to a more confident smile.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patient had maxillary and mandibular partial dentures that she disliked.  Placed implants on upper left and right and lower right bridge.  Crowns on all teeth with compromised restorations.  Bleaching and custom shade in Denver.  2 years to complete case working with Dr. Brently Grimard, periodontist to place implants.

Bonded Porcelain Bridge

Patient born without maxillary lateral incisors and very square central incisors.  Composite bondings to central incisors took 2 hours in office, and custom bonded porcelain bridges to replace maxillary laterals took approximately 2 months to complete.  Bleaching, then custom shade in Denver.

Implants After Orthodontics

Patient had missing maxillary canines and a collapsed dentition, requiring orthodontic treatment (by Dr. Brian Scott), implant placement of his maxillary canines (by Dr. Brently Grimard), bleaching, and temporary implant crowns on his maxillary canines. Case will be complete later this year. Took 2 years to complete.

Implant Crowns & All-Porcelain Crowns

Patient had 1 cantilever bridges on her upper canines which were failing and needed implants placed. Implants were placed in the canine area and new crowns were placed in the canine areas and new crowns were placed on the implants and upper premolars after bleaching and custom shade. Case took approximately 9 months to complete.

All Porcelain Crowns

Patient had trauma to anterior teeth and large composite fillings that were discolored and had been replaced several times. We bleached her teeth, custom shade, and all porcelain crowns on patient's front 4 teeth. Case took approximately 8 weeks from start to finish.

Composite Bondings

Patient and congenitally small maxillary lateral incisors. Chairside composite bondings were placed to custom shape the teeth into ideal position without cutting on the teeth at all. Procedure took 2 hours in the office in 1 visit. (Dr. Jamie's favorite procedure!)


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